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We are also open by appointment anytime – not a problem to open earlier or stay later – just call and let me know what day and time.

Our Hours:
Open Wed. – Fri.  10-5 or until last person leaves.
Saturday 10-3
Closed Sun. – Tues.

Directions to the Country School House Quilt Shop

My shop is at the corner of 21st Ave. E. and East 5th Street.  I’m in the DeSmet Agency building.  They have a big sign in parking lot and my little sign is on building next to door.

Directions to the shop: (I am only 3 blocks from the Lake, so when you get to the lake, drive 3 blocks away from it and that is E. 5th St.)   (1) Driving N on Hwy 2/53.  When you see McDonald’s on the right & Culver’s on the left, turn left and go 3 blocks to stop sign,  is  E. 5th St.  The DeSmet Agency building is diagonally across the street.  (2) From Mn – take Blatnik Bridge and follow the Hwy 53 S. signs which will take you under the bridge and along the lake, past Perkins and Fairlawn Museum.  At Culver’s, turn right and  go 3 blocks to stop sign which is E. 5th St.  The DeSmet Agency building is diagonally across the street.  (3) Coming from the N on Hwy 35 (Tower Ave).  Turn right on N 28th St. (Mall Drive) – go past mall and over railroad tracks.  Turn right at the stop lights onto E. 5th St.  Go 3 blocks to 21st Ave E. The DeSmet Agency building is on the right.

My apologies for this late newsletter.  I had computer problems when I was almost done with it, but I got it back today so I should be back on track now……

January  –Can you believe another year has flown by?  I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We, at the shop, want to make 2016 your best quilting/sewing year ever!!  We have our semi-annual sale this month, put up some ideas for Valentine’s Day, and make room for the new spring fabrics to start arriving.  We also have 1 finished panel quilt being quilted and are working on another Stonehenge fabrics quilt in a unique pattern with curves.

Semi-annual January Deep-Freeze Sale – begins Jan. 20th and goes for at least 2 weeks.  We will have lots of bolts of fabrics out in hall marked down 40% and kits, patterns, books, and some precuts all marked down. SPECIAL TABLE with a lot of  notepads, primitive looking candles, handmade items that I found in my bins in our garage that I had stored away after closing my boutique shop many years ago!  I tested candles and they are all great and the prices I have on the note cards, etc are ones you will never see again.  I will continue to put things on this table as merchandise sells out.  This is a great find and one part you won’t want to miss.

Honor Roll Customers – we will also have Tuesday night from 5:00 p.m – 7:00 p.m. As one of our “special” evenings for pres hopping.  If you have filled up at least 1 customer reward card you are invited to this special evening to scoop up the first items on sale along with some coffee and cocoa and treats to eat.  Only thing I ask is to please call or e-mail me with your name and that you plan to come so I can plan for treats!  I will need at least 15 names in order to hold the Honor Roll Night.  Do it right now if you plan to attend.  There will also be drawings for some prizes that night too.

Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14thwe have a few ideas up on our board to make Feb. a fun month for all.  Using charm pack and just a few bolts of fabrics, we have some easy and quick ideas – stole several of them from our “tried and true” patterns that you can whip up really quick for those fun gifts.

They are on the board and we are trying to make a few more and will put those up during this month too.

Cuddle– I have those 2 bolts I have been waiting for that are supposed to get here next week and they will make gorgeous 2-tone infinity scarfs.  Make one for someone to give or for next Christmas gifts – wouldn’t it be great to have like 6 gifts all set to go 11 months ahead of time??  Don’t forget to make 1 for yourself too.

Stop in and see all those things we got in the last couple weeks before Christmas….flannel with deer on, kits for those newborns with great fuzzy bindings and the fox and other animals on the top cuddle—talk about cuddly!  Babies will grow up with it and take it to college with them too!

Baby lock has a special deal on a large rolling machine tote for $95 which is usually $180!  It is black and has small cute white lettering with pink that say As you sew, sew shall you rip or something close to that.  It fits the Jane machine and the Symphony and all machines below that.  It does not fit the Crescendo.  Call and leave a message or e-mail me right away as they were only available until they ran out – I last ordered some just before Christmas and I have 1 of those left, but will order more if I have some of you who would like to get one of these.

I also have 2 Embellisher 12 needle machines in stock along with an Amelia, a Melody and a Sashiko.  Let me know if you want to try one out.  The Embellisher is just plain fun, fun, fun.

See you soon – Have a great month as it will fly by quickly!