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We are also open by appointment anytime – not a problem to open earlier or stay later – just call and let me know what day and time.

Our Hours:
Open Wed. – Fri.  10-5 or until last person leaves.
Saturday 10-3
Closed Sun. – Tues.

Directions to the Country School House Quilt Shop

My shop is at the corner of 21st Ave. E. and East 5th Street.  I’m in the DeSmet Agency building.  They have a big sign in parking lot and my little sign is on building next to door.

Directions to the shop: (I am only 3 blocks from the Lake, so when you get to the lake, drive 3 blocks away from it and that is E. 5th St.)   (1) Driving N on Hwy 2/53.  When you see McDonald’s on the right & Culver’s on the left, turn left and go 3 blocks to stop sign,  is  E. 5th St.  The DeSmet Agency building is diagonally across the street.  (2) From Mn – take Blatnik Bridge and follow the Hwy 53 S. signs which will take you under the bridge and along the lake, past Perkins and Fairlawn Museum.  At Culver’s, turn right and  go 3 blocks to stop sign which is E. 5th St.  The DeSmet Agency building is diagonally across the street.  (3) Coming from the N on Hwy 35 (Tower Ave).  Turn right on N 28th St. (Mall Drive) – go past mall and over railroad tracks.  Turn right at the stop lights onto E. 5th St.  Go 3 blocks to 21st Ave E. The DeSmet Agency building is on the right.

Welcome May – We’ve actually had a bit of Spring this year!  My rhubarb looks like it will be ready to make a pie for Mother’s Day.  I think the lilacs will be on time this year and there is hope for summer.  Get those golf clubs all cleaned up for a great year!

Those of you who came to the Home of the Brave Quilt Show really saw some beautiful quilts with marvelous stories.  There were tears of surprise and oh’s and ah’s over the beauty of the quilts – what more can we want.  Halvor got the trailer part of the truck here and it was gorgeous!  Lots of pictures were taken.  Over 100 people took advantage of the half price admission tickets to Bong Museum.  Pictures of the winning quilts are on my Facebook page – go to the page that says country schoolhouse and I have posted the pictures.  Jeanette Betterman won 1st place and Nicole Stamper (she our newest employee) and Jayne Baumgardner tied for 3rdplace.  2nd place was won by Susan Schultz whose home shop is Thimbles.  Congrats to all of them.  What gorgeous quilts.

Jeanette also won our Piece and Comfort Moda Challenge and she is now in the National quilt show sponsored by Moda.  Voting started today and this is how you vote for her – go to the Moda Cutting Table blog and click on the link provided there.  It will give a list of the shops and who won and there are o pictures of all the quilts.  This is a viewer’s choice.  Jeanette’s quilt is featured about 2/3 – ¾ of the way down.  Just click on the circle next to my shop’s name and then go to bottom and click on “vote” and it will register it.  Get the info out to all your friends and on your facebook page.  They said in my info to use the hashtags – #modapieceandcomfort and #modafabrics.  Let’s put her quilt as Viewer’s Choice.  We’ll have a big party if she wins at my shop!

The month of May is Birthday Month and we are 12 years old.  It is so hard to believe that we have been here that long.  I had only intended to do this for about 5 years and then sell it to someone else to continue growing it.  That didn’t come about so here I am.  We always do something different during our Birthday month and this year we have a real surprise for you.  I’m not telling you what it is, but it is really good….every time you shop in May and buy things that are not on sale, you will get one of these.  Now you can only get 1 at a time and they can only be used singly.  That’s my hint to you.  You also get your name in for prizes that will be handed out at the end of the month.  Also, after Mo and I come home from Market, we will have a special trunk show of my new book called “Let’s Twist….One Last Time.”  We will have all the quilts displayed at the shop for the last week in May with special prices on all Twister items during that week.  Of course we will have cake or cupcakes to celebrate.  I bet it could be chocolate…..

Minnesota Quilters will be at the DECC June 11 – 13.  We have booklets at the shop describing the classes, etc.  Stop and pick one up.  We will have some longer hours while they are in town so check with us in June and see what they are during the show.

June 21 – Sept. 8 we are involved in the Row by Row Experience.  Come in and we will tell you how it works and show you the row we designed for it.  It’s a no pressure type of shop hop.  You get a free pattern for the strip.  Make a quilt with 8 strips and if you are the first to hand it in to a shop you get 25 fat quarters as a prize!  The whole country and Canada is involved in this so as you travel this summer stop and see if that local shop is involved.  I will also have some cute pins for the 2015 Row by Row and also kits available if you want to make the strip just like mine.  The theme is water so my fabrics I ordered special for this give the look of water.

Beautiful summer fabrics are arriving weekly now.  We have several samples and kits to go with them made up.  Another was just finished today and wait until you see this one!  I can’t wait until we get a couple more finished with some of our new fabrics and some aprons, table runners, etc.

Remember – vote for Jeanette’s Quilt;  Come in for Birthday Month;  See the Trunk Show last week in month.