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Row by Row Experience 2015 -  Wisconsin

Join us for a summer filled shop hop type of event with no fees or passports.  You have all summer to play, can travel with friends and/or family and stop at participating quilt shops and pick up your free row pattern.  Most shops will have small kits made of their pattern and some will have pins or fabricplates for sale.  The fun starts June 21st and goes through Sept 8. 

Here's the contest that goes along with it:

1.   Create a quilt using at least 8 different rows from 8 shops that you have gotten free patterns.  The quilt must be completely finished with quilting of some sort and binding put on.

2.   If you are the first to bring your completed quilt in to a participating quilt shop you win 25 fat quarters.

3.   If you use the row from that shop you get an extra prize from that shop.

It's all about having fun and seeing a variety of shops as you are out and about.  I have a beautiful bundle of fat quarters-all coordinated- just waiting for that winner.  I'll also take a picture of you with your quilt for the WI facebook page and our facebook page.

Did I also mention there is an optional “Bobbin the Robin” that is a pattern put out special for the Row by Row.  Isn't it fitting that it is a Robin and we are in WI.?  The idea is to make this bird really funky and turn your picture in to that web site and be one of 50 winners.  Bring it into the shops as you travel and take a selfie with your Robin and the shop's Robin!  Wait until you see what ours is going to look like......Start “flying” over to our shop to get our pattern on June 24th which is a Wed.  Maybe I'll find some bird seed to put out!


Bobbin the Robin
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