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The Country Schoolhouse Quilt Shop
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May 2014

Weds-Fri  10-5 Sat: 10-3  or until the last customer leaves!  Closed Sunday - Tuesday.
We are also open by appointment anytime - not a problem to open earlier or stay later - just call and let me know what day and time.

Change in our Days and Hours beginning in January 2014…
Open Wed. – Fri.  10-5 or until last person leaves.
Saturday 10-3
Closed Sun. – Tues.

I am closing on Mon and Tues to allow me more time for family and also for creative endeavors with the Twister tools and the quilt shop.  We will have our shelves filled with new fabrics and more samples than ever.  We are also going to rearrange the shop over the 5-7 of January to give it a different look.  Everyone we have talked to this last month has indicated that they can easily work around the days of Wed – Sat.  We are open an extra hour on Sat. and are happy to stay later Wed – Fri. if you can’t get there until 5 p.m.

If this is an inconvenience to anyone, please call me and we will gladly set up a special time that you can come to the shop – it is not a problem for me to open up.  If you see my vehicle at the shop during the closed days, feel free to come in and I will gladly let you look over the selections. 

May is Birthday Month for us!  We are beginning our 11th year – can you believe it?  That means we do some special things this month for our wonderful and loyal customers.  Each customer who comes in during May will get a free gift from us – don’t forget to ask for it because sometimes our memory fails us as we are getting older.  If you spend $25 during this month you will receive a free project bag from us.  We ordered these from Moda and they hold a lot of stuff.  Guard this bag with your life as you will be using it all summer!!!  I’ll tell you more about that in the June newsletter.  Remember, you can only get this bag in May.  Save your receipts and when you have spent $25, bring them in and we will put your name on our special master list.

Directions to the Country School House Quilt Shop 

My shop is at the corner of 21st Ave. E. and East 5th Street.  I’m in the DeSmet Agency building.  They have a big sign in parking lot and my little sign is on building next to door.

Directions to the shop: (I am only 3 blocks from the Lake, so when you get to the lake, drive 3 blocks away from it and that is E. 5th St.)   (1) Driving N on Hwy 2/53.  When you see McDonald’s on the right & Culver’s on the left, turn left and go 3 blocks to stop sign,  is  E. 5th St.  The DeSmet Agency building is diagonally across the street.  (2) From Mn – take Blatnik Bridge and follow the Hwy 53 S. signs which will take you under the bridge and along the lake, past Perkins and Fairlawn Museum.  At Culver’s, turn right and  go 3 blocks to stop sign which is E. 5th St.  The DeSmet Agency building is diagonally across the street.  (3) Coming from the N on Hwy 35 (Tower Ave).  Turn right on N 28th St. (Mall Drive) – go past mall and over railroad tracks.  Turn right at the stop lights onto E. 5th St.  Go 3 blocks to 21st Ave E. The DeSmet Agency building is on the right. 

Important News: 

Koala Cabinet Ordering Time –we have 2 people who want to buy these great cabinets for their machine and are looking for at least 1 more person to obtain Free Delivery.  Come in and ask to see the folder that shows all the cabinets and optional items and the low prices we have for them or else go online to Sewing and Craft Club and see them there and look at their prices.  Ours are lower!!  The deadline for ordering is May 20th.  We ask for ½ down and the remainder when it comes in.  They are guaranteed  and are a piece of fine furniture that will last you forever.  If you have ever thought about getting one of these cabinets – this is the time to do it. 

Machine of the Month –the Rachel is our machine this month.  This is the machine that replaced the Grace and added a couple more updates to it.  This is a great introductory machine for an adult or a great 2nd machine to take to classes and retreats with you as it is a real workhorse.  Come in and try it out and see what a great price it has.  I, personally, love this machine!!

What's New

What’s New...more new samples – we have a line called Mineral Forest and a quilt done from the pattern “All Squared Up” that is perfect for the man in your life  or yourself as it is in shades of gray, brown, golds and creams.  A modern look on some great colors.  We just finished Sandy Gervias panel called Chance of Flowers and Sandy will be quilting that this week for us.  It uses a charm pack and binding – very pretty and inexpensive to do.  Grant Park is also the newest quilt and that is made with a layer cake and 2 borders.  It has a fresh red, white and blue look to it – makes you want to curl up in it as soon as you see it. 

 A new fabric came in called “Flying Sweetly” and this was done in a new way using digital printing so the fabric is very vibrant along with all its colors.  I didn’t realize that this made the fabric more costly like --$13.50 a yd, but I am selling it for $10.99 a yd. and this will never be put in the sale bin… if you’d like to get some of this new fabric, now is the time.  That teaches me to ask the price of every new fabric I buy now!

There are also about 33 bolts of Woolies Flannel on the shelf now, but all but 1 of them are only 6 yd bolts – so come early for the best selection.  We also have all the Bertie Bird patterns out in a display and the things that go with them.  We didn’t have enough for a club so they are out for anyone to buy.  We do have 3 kits cut for the May pattern and available.  I’m going to be doing my handwork on the plane this week so when I get back from my quilting cruise, I will put it up.

News Alert – the first Christmas line from Moda came in last week.  It is all in red and white with a panel….features snowmen!!  Winter will never end for us in the quilt shop!  Our Christmas lines will be in the classroom so feel free to take a look at them as they come in –most won’t come until late June or July.  We’ll have them in the main part of shop in August. 

When life hands you more rain, snow, sleet and hail – make quilt projects.  You’ll be this much further ahead for fall!  Happy Quilting…
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