Weds-Fri  10-5 Sat: 10-3  or until the last customer leaves!  Closed Sunday – Tuesday.
We are also open by appointment anytime – not a problem to open earlier or stay later – just call and let me know what day and time.

Our Hours:
Open Wed. – Fri.  10-5 or until last person leaves.
Saturday 10-3
Closed Sun. – Tues.

Directions to the Country School House Quilt Shop

My shop is at the corner of 21st Ave. E. and East 5th Street.  I’m in the DeSmet Agency building.  They have a big sign in parking lot and my little sign is on building next to door.

Directions to the shop: (I am only 3 blocks from the Lake, so when you get to the lake, drive 3 blocks away from it and that is E. 5th St.)   (1) Driving N on Hwy 2/53.  When you see McDonald’s on the right & Culver’s on the left, turn left and go 3 blocks to stop sign,  is  E. 5th St.  The DeSmet Agency building is diagonally across the street.  (2) From Mn – take Blatnik Bridge and follow the Hwy 53 S. signs which will take you under the bridge and along the lake, past Perkins and Fairlawn Museum.  At Culver’s, turn right and  go 3 blocks to stop sign which is E. 5th St.  The DeSmet Agency building is diagonally across the street.  (3) Coming from the N on Hwy 35 (Tower Ave).  Turn right on N 28th St. (Mall Drive) – go past mall and over railroad tracks.  Turn right at the stop lights onto E. 5th St.  Go 3 blocks to 21st Ave E. The DeSmet Agency building is on the right.

Happy New Year 2015
We hope all of you had a wonderful, crazy, happy holiday season. We had our whole family together for the first time in 7 years – what fun and am I every tired of cooking! In looking back at 2014, we want to thank all of you for being loyal customers and speaking kindly about us. We treasure each of you and enjoy seeing you and your projects when you come in. We are looking forward to a very creative, special year with new things happening and some old being revisited.

Here are our top Highlights for January:
1. Semi-Annual “January Deep-Freeze” Sale starts Tuesday, Jan. 20th – Feb. 7th.
2. Piece and Comfort Quilt Challenge has started…..and
3. Americana Quilts……for the
4. Quilt Show at Barker’s Island April 23-24
5. 10 Shades of Gray – 3 kits already gone before the sample is up!

Deep Freeze Sale
– Yes, you read that right. We will be open on Tuesday, Jan. 20th and will kick the sale off with goodies, prizes, and coffee all day long. It will be like having our Honor Roll evening all day. This winter there will be no special honor roll evening due to weather. We will also have 2 cutting stations set up for this day as we are expecting a lot of customers wanting to get in on all the great stuff that usually gets sold during the Honor Roll evenings we have done in the past.

Quilt Challenge and Quilt Show – Do you know of someone in the Military? Have you had a relative in the Military? Was your dad in WWII or the Viet Nam War or the Korean War? Do you have a son/grandson or daughter/granddaughter serving in the Middle East? Have you lost a loved one in a war? The staff of our Quilt Shop has experienced many of these and it is because of this that our Quilt Shop is participating with Moda and their Quilt Challenge called “Piece and Comfort.” This honors the families of those serving in the Military and recognizes their sacrifices also – having a husband/wife and or dad/mom not home for those special birthdays, holidays, etc. and knowing that when you kissed them good-bye they are in “harms way” and you are not sure if they will be back in your arms and if they are, will they be o.k. Our Quilt Show recognizes your sacrifice and has named our show “Home of the Brave.” We want to honor those who serve and those who wait for them to return by asking you, our generous quilters, to make a quilt for our show –either one to enter in the Challenge with prizes up to $500 being offered by Moda or by entering a quilt in the Americana section for the show and be eligible for prizes. We need 60 quilts to make this part of our show a success. We are counting on you!!! Please contact us for details and rules. Going through this quilt show will be an insight into military families and what they have gone through or are going through as each quilt will tell a story about who it is honoring or why it was made. This is a very special show – please join us in being a part of it. For those doing the Piece and Comfort Challenge we have discounted the fabrics, layer cakes and charm packs for those doing the challenge and they will be repriced after it is over. The quilts can use any pattern or can be original. You may enter as an individual or get several friends together to do it or even a whole club. Each quilt that is entered will get a remembrance from us. The quilts for the Challenge must be done by end of March and the Americana ones by April 15th. Quilts can be tied, hand quilted or machine quilted. As a very special component – those who want (you are under no obligation to do that) to donate their quilt – we will be drawing names at the end of the show to award a family(ies) who has someone on active duty or has been deployed one of our quilts. We are hoping that quilt will bring some comfort to them as they wait for their loved one. They will know that this community is behind them. We will be gathering names over the next couple months from the Superior/Duluth and surrounding areas. If you know of someone, please pass those names onto us at the shop. Those families will also receive a free ticket to the Quilt Show. I am hoping to have a couple other places in Superior partner up with us on this show and I will let you know as I get confirmations from them.
Our sample of 1 line called Red, White and Free will be up shortly and our Americana sample will be up on Wed. also. You can also enter more than 1 quilt.

10 Shades of Gray – our newest flannel line from Stonehenge made by Northcott. We have sold 3 kits of it before we even have a sample up! It will be up on Wed. It is the softest flannel and the shades are just gorgeous. The kits are a nice large lap size or 2 kits will make the queen size that is also on the pattern.

We also have another great flannel quilt on display from Maywood with deer and gorgeous forest colors – we only have 4 kits of that left! We also have layer cakes in the Woolies from Maywood – yum! Lots of new lines will be coming in shortly with some winter and beginning of summer lines.

It looks like we are starting out with a very cold January so that is the best time to get to work on all those quilts and other projects. Keep warm and remember we always have hot coffee and chocolate available for you!