The following corrections need to be made to the book “Let’s Twist.”

Page 9 (Pinwheel Party Quilt)
Under Materials
Fabric A should be 1 1/8yd.  Not 7/8 yd

Page 21
Under Materials:
Fabric A should be 4 yds. (not 3 yds as written)

Under Cutting:
21 – 3″ strips (not the 11 as written)

For book “Let’s Twist….One Last Time” 

Page 7
Snowman Twist.  Under Materials, Fabric C should be 1/4 yd.

Page 21 
Twisted Infinity
Under Materials:  Fabric A should be 1/2 yd for both sizes.

Under Cutting and Piecing:  #2 Cut 5 – 3″ x wof strips (5- 4″xwof).