The Country Schoolhouse Quilt Shop is now an exclusive Dealer
for Baby Lock Sewing Machines.

We are now an exclusive dealer of the Baby Lock sewing machines.  We are the pioneers in their new line called “Quilter’s Dream Series.”  This means we were the first ones trained on this new line and are the first one to receive the line.  Eleanor Burns is the spokesperson for this line—look for the ads in all the summer quilt magazines.

The excitement just keeps building with the 9 machines we will be carrying—from the X-cape (12 # traveling machine) to the new Quest machine coming out in July, we have the best series for the money.  The “Imagine” serger is self-threading and automatic tension for all 4 threads, need I say more?  We will also have the “Embellisher” which has 6 barbed needles that felt your fabrics, yarns, etc. together for the most amazing designs.  Very reasonably priced and so much fun—I wasn’t going to carry this, but after I tried it, I couldn’t resist it and I’m not even a needle-puncher!  We will also have the Professional Quilter which does 1500 stitches a minute and does such marvelous free motion quilting—for the serious home quilter.  For those just learning to sew we have a great entry machine with a few whistles and bells but at a marvelous price and includes a table and quilting feet for when they are ready.  We will also have the Ellure which is also an embroidery machine and is so easy to use—if I can do it, anyone can!  Of course the Quilter’s Choice 2 and the Espire round out the quilting line—once you have tried one of these you won’t believe how nice they are and the price is nice too!

All of the machines except the serger and embellisher come with detachable tables which are 18 x 24 at the least and all the quilting feet.  You don’t have to buy the machine and then add on for this and that.  We also have a great warrantee and also a store maintenance program that includes classes.  What a difference a great machine makes!  Now You Can Do It All……